Class List

Warrior Sphere

  • Weaponsmaster: steady dps, proficiency in a variety of weapons
  • Berserker: Burst damage with cooldown time, depending on rage rather than weapon proficiency (*Skald only)
  • Guardian: Proficient with shields and crowd control, as well as removing enemies from allies

Channeler sphere

  • Elementalist: Power over water, fire, air, and ice
  • Transmuter: Power over metal, earth, & objects [matter]
  • Telepath: Power over flesh; mental abilities, as well as healing

Bardic Sphere

  • Rogue: Not a thief, but rather someone with high emotional intelligence and exceptional ability to understand and manipulate urban areas/people.
  • Strider [Ranger]: Possess knowledge/ability to traverse wilderness areas and has control over animals to an extent
  • Bard: Essentially the da Vincis of this world, bards are able to make various contraptions and some potions, as well as use their artistic abilities to influence friends and opponents. Some are also skilled in fencing.

“Prestige” Classes [things you can become] that you currently know about

  • Druids: Mastery of nature and animals; revered by the southern Gael [Danu] culture. Nearly all of the Danu leadership consists of druids. Your ability to sense and manipulate enya means you are largely responsible for maintaining balance, in order to keep your status as a druid.
    Currently open to channelers only. You keep your original powers and add on the nature-based abilities.

Class List

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