Fourth Session Recap
The joining of Yoshi

(will fix Ian’s character name once I see the character sheet again, left it in my car :P)

  1. Decide to borrow Eliss’ (Vair’s old friend’s) boat, cross the river at the raft point, and wait for Sahlan. As it turned out, they could only persuade Eliss to give them the fishing boat until late that night, so they ended up crossing and searching around themselves, with the help of one of the faerie’s cerels.
  2. Donall spots a camp from afar, they see Sahlan there with 3 other men. Gaelen walks up to them to try to talk, while Donall and Vair cover him from the forest. Sahlan and another man talk to Gaelen, and debate about whether to kill him, cut out his tongue, or let him go.
  3. Donall tries to sneak up on the other hunter at his tent, but is heard. He tries to signal Vair to attack, but Vair is too busy climbing a tree to pay attention. Donall ends up persuading the hunter that he’s just there to stop Gaelen from being a crazy old man, but then Vair leaps out of the tree. He misses the hunter, but his sword ends up flying out of his hand and hitting him. The fourth poacher (wielding only a knife) cowers in a tent.
  4. The poachers are all tired from a day of hunting small woodland creatures, and end up shooting the ground and dropping their weapons with alarming frequency. In a move that secured the party’s victory even more, Yoshi burst out of the forest and engaged a hunter. After the poachers were incapacitated, he explained that he came to make an oath of fealty to Gaelen due to the fact that he saved his mother when she was pregnant with him.
  5. Gaelen doesn’t remember the event; responds with “okay.” Everyone is in awe of his stoicism.
  6. Sahlan sasses Gaelen in the latter’s attempts to get him to repent; Gaelen kills him. They question the scared poacher and let him go—he reveals that they are working for a larger black market system. The other two hunters are also spared since they weren’t truly evil.
  7. When crossing the river, Eliss’ boat begins to take on water. The party tries to fix it but Eliss walks out before they can finish. He explains it’s been leaking on and off for awhile; he suspects some error with the magic seal on its hull. Yoshi is able to repair it to some extent.
  8. They return to Leri and tell him of their adventures, Gaelen takes a nap.
Third Session Recap
Etta & Deir the Faerie
  1. On the road from Taelglen to Tala, the party stopped through Etta and stayed at farmer Leri’s house, with whom Gaelen had stayed in the past. Vair leaves in the night (in a rather sneaky fashion), and they find out he left to visit his old friend Eliss, a fisherman from the north.
  2. Walking into town in the morning, the party sees a priest of Miach on top of the central fountain, surrounded by small woodland creatures (cerels, iri, suidhe) that seem rabid and/or possessed. He says they started getting attacked that morning, and they want the party to figure out why since it seems to have started when the they entered town.
  3. They search the forest surrounding the temple for some kind of source or antagonist, and are attacked by a group of cerels, most of which Donall brutally murders. (He hates small happy woodland creatures). A Faerie (named Deir)—gnome-like in stature (to reference classic Dnd), and with channeler powers over certain creatures—confronts them about the killing of his cerels. He ends up revealing his ineptitude, and the fact that he’s having cerels attack the temple in a somewhat pitiful attempt to discover the killers, and asks the party to help him track down the killers that he was sent to reap revenge upon/stop their killing.
  4. The party heads back to the village, and the animals have calmed down. Donall discovers that a foreigner, Sahlan, recently entered town and might be a trigger for the attacks. Upon talking to his relatives, the party discovers that he leaves and returns to town at the same time every day, to an unknown destination. He returns while the party is there, and reacts very arrogantly/suspiciously to their questions, and makes clear his intent to kill them if they ask more questions about his activities.
  5. The party follows him the next morning to find him clearing off a hidden raft, and crossing the river.
Second Session Recap
Vair vs Rihu, and the PC's apathy
  1. Vair follows Gaelen & Donall around, hoping that they’ll help him look for Cecht inciters and share the bounty. PCs decide to look for the 2 men who approached them in the first place; easily find them browsing marketplace.
  2. Make friendly conversation with 2 guys, bring Inquisitor Ren to them, they’ve known each other for years and are on the up-and-up. Vair is still rearing to look for actual inciters; PCs ignore and abandon him. :(
  3. Upon finding out mercenaries are legit, PCs go back to the camp, get questioned about Vair’s whereabouts and say he ran away; they get the money for the soldiers they did help. Find out Vair’s personality seems very different than from what they’ve seen so far; decide to go look for him since he might still be crazy.
  4. Look through town, find him bleeding on a road on the south side of Taelglen, says that an inciter attacked him when he tried to arrest him. Directs PCs to small house down the road, where a northerner named Rihu is hurriedly packing his stuff.
  5. PCs confront him, he explains that Vair is a Cecht deserter and threatened him first, upset that he now has to leave town after just wanting to settle there in peace, PCs let him go. Vair is pissed that they didn’t do anything about the guy that just attacked him and is wanted in the area.
  6. Vair tells PCs his long, convoluted story, and about Rihu’s past of casually slaughtering civilians through deliberately callous military strategies. Old man Gaelen is now spurred into action; PCs agree to help Vair find Rihu (since he’s the only one who could expose his desertion and ruin his family) if he’ll help them get to Tethys and possibly find some work afterwards.
First Session Recap
Hysterical Vair

Staying in Forest’s Edge inn in Taelglen, Content Not Found: donnall (sp?) and Gaelen are approached by 2 men looking to hire a channeler (telepath) to help deal with soldier hysteria in a camp on the outskirts of town. The men explain that they’re mercenaries hired to deal with various threats from Etainn (forest). PCs are skeptical but help anyway for the sake of the crazed soldiers. They see a bounty sign for Cecht inciters near the inn on their way out.

Upon arriving to the camp: one of the men gets his hysteria heightened by Gaelen’s attempts to calm him; tries to attack them and then makes a beeline for Taelglen (coincidence, or does he know where it is?). Ornery/inept camp officials scold & threaten the PCs into tracking him down after they successfully calm some of the other soldiers.

Easily find runaway soldier (Vair) attempting to fight anyone who walks by him, raving about all of them being “Skalds” and “berserkers.” PCs restore his sanity and he begs to be taken to the Danu authorities in the area instead of back to the camp, claiming that they’re Cechts forcing unwilling soldiers to go back into combat or risk having their reputation ruined (or worse? He wasn’t clear.)

PCs take him to local Inquisitor (Ren), who scours theirs and Vair’s minds about the experience; Inquisitor Ren concludes that Vair’s convictions are sincere, but still may be the result of hysteria. Takes note of the appearance and interactions with the 2 men who first approached the PCs, but still unsure of their status as Cechts or legitimate mercenaries, since Cechts wouldn’t often ask for the help of channelers.

Inquisitor Ren tells them there is a large reward going to anyone willing to bring them Cecht inciters, or deal with the camp situation by making sure they’re actually mercenaries, finding out who hired them and validating it, etc. Says that there is a transmuter seeking the reward as well; recommends tracking him down if they’re looking for help since an old man and a rogue probably aren’t the most able team. Describes him as being slightly shorter than average, and with black hair; doesn’t know where he is or much more than that.


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