Northern Gael fighter


*Fighting without a shirt/armor is a tradition of some gael heroes because it’s considered a testament to their strength/bravery (see celtic culture!)

Wants to get some money for a 2h sword!


A defector from the Cecht army who headed south to make some money/avoid slandering his family’s reputation; he is generally presumed dead by those who knew him. Donall & Gaelen met him during his “escape” plan to defect (again) from the Danu Defense Regiment (mercenary army). He posed as a hysterical soldier, and pointed fingers at the mercenary camp being Cecht traitors in order to cover up his own double defecting.

He was able to track down and attempted to arrest Rihu (Cecht official who murdered civilians—both Skald and Gael—through the strategies he planned), but was wounded. Rihu knew him from their time in the Cecht army; he is the only one who knows he is alive and a defector.


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