Third Session Recap

Etta & Deir the Faerie

  1. On the road from Taelglen to Tala, the party stopped through Etta and stayed at farmer Leri’s house, with whom Gaelen had stayed in the past. Vair leaves in the night (in a rather sneaky fashion), and they find out he left to visit his old friend Eliss, a fisherman from the north.
  2. Walking into town in the morning, the party sees a priest of Miach on top of the central fountain, surrounded by small woodland creatures (cerels, iri, suidhe) that seem rabid and/or possessed. He says they started getting attacked that morning, and they want the party to figure out why since it seems to have started when the they entered town.
  3. They search the forest surrounding the temple for some kind of source or antagonist, and are attacked by a group of cerels, most of which Donall brutally murders. (He hates small happy woodland creatures). A Faerie (named Deir)—gnome-like in stature (to reference classic Dnd), and with channeler powers over certain creatures—confronts them about the killing of his cerels. He ends up revealing his ineptitude, and the fact that he’s having cerels attack the temple in a somewhat pitiful attempt to discover the killers, and asks the party to help him track down the killers that he was sent to reap revenge upon/stop their killing.
  4. The party heads back to the village, and the animals have calmed down. Donall discovers that a foreigner, Sahlan, recently entered town and might be a trigger for the attacks. Upon talking to his relatives, the party discovers that he leaves and returns to town at the same time every day, to an unknown destination. He returns while the party is there, and reacts very arrogantly/suspiciously to their questions, and makes clear his intent to kill them if they ask more questions about his activities.
  5. The party follows him the next morning to find him clearing off a hidden raft, and crossing the river.


Lunafish Lunafish

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