Second Session Recap

Vair vs Rihu, and the PC's apathy

  1. Vair follows Gaelen & Donall around, hoping that they’ll help him look for Cecht inciters and share the bounty. PCs decide to look for the 2 men who approached them in the first place; easily find them browsing marketplace.
  2. Make friendly conversation with 2 guys, bring Inquisitor Ren to them, they’ve known each other for years and are on the up-and-up. Vair is still rearing to look for actual inciters; PCs ignore and abandon him. :(
  3. Upon finding out mercenaries are legit, PCs go back to the camp, get questioned about Vair’s whereabouts and say he ran away; they get the money for the soldiers they did help. Find out Vair’s personality seems very different than from what they’ve seen so far; decide to go look for him since he might still be crazy.
  4. Look through town, find him bleeding on a road on the south side of Taelglen, says that an inciter attacked him when he tried to arrest him. Directs PCs to small house down the road, where a northerner named Rihu is hurriedly packing his stuff.
  5. PCs confront him, he explains that Vair is a Cecht deserter and threatened him first, upset that he now has to leave town after just wanting to settle there in peace, PCs let him go. Vair is pissed that they didn’t do anything about the guy that just attacked him and is wanted in the area.
  6. Vair tells PCs his long, convoluted story, and about Rihu’s past of casually slaughtering civilians through deliberately callous military strategies. Old man Gaelen is now spurred into action; PCs agree to help Vair find Rihu (since he’s the only one who could expose his desertion and ruin his family) if he’ll help them get to Tethys and possibly find some work afterwards.


Lunafish Lunafish

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